Africa Long-Term Finance Initiative

2020 Africa Long Term Finance Workshop

On February 25th and February 26th, 2020 the African Development Bank in collaboration with LTF partners hosted workshop in Nairobi, Kenya on Long-Term Finance in Africa for Central Bank representatives responsible for assembling data to be included on the Scoreboard and other national and sub-regional specialized institutions. Potential users of the Scoreboard in the Kenyan financial industry were also invited to attend the workshop. The workshop served to raise awareness about the LTF Database and Scoreboard, and as a forum for discussion of potential improvements to the scope and content of the overall data collection process.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya opened the workshop together with the representative of the Regional Director of the African Development Bank Group in East Africa, and representatives of partner institutions in the LTF initiative (the Financial Sector Deepening for Africa and German Development Cooperation through GIZ). On first day  presentations were made introducing the LTF initiative and the Scoreboard. Representatives from the Kenya financial sector discussed the value-added and potential uses of the LTF Initiative and the Scoreboard. The second day was dedicated to discussions with and among the country coordinators appointed by central banks and regional authorities to assist the AfDB in assembling data for the second round statistical survey. Participants also discussed how to strengthen the scope, coverage and quality of the LTF Scoreboard.

More than forty African countries were represented at this event, reflecting keen interest in extending the scope of available information on long-term finance, and recognizing the importance of exchanging information on long-term finance with a view to strengthening national and international development policies.

Objectives of the workshop

Overall, the objective of hosting a technical workshop on the LTF Scoreboard for country representatives is to increase data coverage and improve the quality of data collected from countries across Africa while also enhancing appreciation of the value of the LTF Initiative and thereby enhancing the coverage and quality of the data collected.

Specifically, the workshop seeks to achieve the following objectives :
  • Increasing awareness of the LTF Initiative.
  • Sharing preliminary results from the first data collection process (Data Base and Scoreboard).
  • Exchanging and discussing with participants their experience in collecting data for the second round of the LTF survey.
  • Reducing data gaps and strengthening the sustainability of LTF Scoreboard by ensuring that it is updated regularly.
  • Strengthening the commitment and understanding of coordinators / liaison officers as regards the usefulness of the LTF Initiative.
  • Increasing awareness of how users value the LTF Scoreboard.

Workshop Agenda

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Background report of the LTF Workshop

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