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Webinar on the Long-Term Finance Scoreboard

Webinar press release: Launch of the Long-Term Finance Scoreboard & Database

The Long-Term Finance Scoreboard was officially launched on October 30th by way of a webinar hosted by Making Finance Work for Africa. The launch served to present the features of the Scoreboard, discuss initial findings and seek feedback on ideas for further improvement for subsequent rounds of data collection. Going forward the intention is to further develop the Scoreboard so that it becomes the “go-to place” for information on Long-Term Finance (LTF) in Africa.

The webinar offered participants a first opportunity to become acquainted with key findings based on data assembled in 2018 for the period 2013-2017. Among these findings was that the level of development of the enabling environment would seem capable of supporting the delivery of higher levels of LTF than is currently the case. In terms of sources of finance, LTF in Africa relies predominantly on domestic savings. This could potentially be a constraining factor, as the data also reveal that the level of domestic savings lags behind the global average. Another finding was that greater reliance is placed on government debt markets in Africa than elsewhere, pointing to the limitations to deepening domestic markets for long-term finance associated with excessive government debt issuance (crowding out).

More key data insights were presented at the webinar. The webinar also provide an opportunity to demonstrate how users can undertake their own analysis by accessing a range of different tools, such as the LTF Radar, country profiles and a data browser. The presentation was followed by a lively discussion indicative of strong engagement coming from both public and private sector stakeholders.

Speakers: José Albuquerque: Assistant Professor, Norwegian School of Economics Michael Fuchs: Lead Consultant, Africa LTF Initiative Mustapha Bouzaiene: Consultant, Statistics Dept., AfDB Slaheddine Saidi: Statistician, Statistics Dept., AfDB Thorsten Beck: Professor, Cass Business School



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