A comprehensive approach to LTF in Africa

Addressing the LTF finance gap requires addressing a data gap

The radar graph provides an overview of how specific countries rank against each other or against countries in relevant sub-regions or with the African continent as a whole, allowing the reader to quickly identify “weaknesses” and “strengths”. For each of four categories of data the “radar graph” includes three selected variables that summarize the available data.

Objective & approach

The Long-Term Finance's Radar
(rescaled indicators over 2013-2019)

Sources of LTF
Depth of LTF
Uses of LTF
Enabling environment

focus data

LTF mobilization circuit

Depth of LTF

Banking Institutional investors Capital markets

Uses of LTF

Investment Business

Sources of LTF

Domestic sources External sources

Enabling environment

Business environment Regulatory framework
Long-Term Finance


LTF Benchmarking

How is Africa performing compared to other global sub-regions?

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Latest Country Diagnostics

Going beyond comparative data, the Country Diagnostics provide in-depth analysis of LTF markets in individual jurisdictions

Publications & reports

Analytical reports
Africa Long Term Finance Initiative 2020 Annual Report
Analytical reports
Africa LTF data collection report
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Africa : The statistical survey on LTF intermediation in Africa is underway

Kenya : 2020 Africa Long Term Finance Workshop

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