Country Diagnostics approach

The Country Diagnostics

Going beyond comparative data, the country diagnostics provide in-depth analysis of LTF markets in individual jurisdictions. The Country Diagnostics focus on those segments of the economy most reliant on being able to access long-term finance: enterprises with a focus on SMEs, the housing sector, and infrastructure projects. The intention is to reveal strengths and weaknesses in the specific country context, to identify hurdles to increased provision of long-term finance, and to develop policy recommendations to improve the intermediation of LTF. The diagnostics follow a transaction-focused, bottom-up approach. The LTF team works closely with private sector stakeholders to draw from their experience in servicing markets and leverages international good practice from other developing and emerging countries to develop recommendations both as regards innovative financing techniques relevant to the African context and to overcome regulatory and institutional barriers hindering the deepening of markets for long-term finance.

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